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Realigning infrastructure with industrialisation SADC assesses progress

INFRASTRUCTURE IS key to regional development and the program is being reviewed and adjusted for closer alignment with plans to industrialize the region and the African continent.

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“Made in Africa”

IF 25 May represents the day that Africa got rid of the remaining vestiges of colonization and apartheid, then 21 March is the day that the continent made a bold move to reform global trade.

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2018 Consolidating Sustainable Development

AN EVENTFUL year awaits southern Africa in 2018 as the region intensifies efforts to deepen economic integration and achieve sustainable development and stability.

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The SADC We Want-Achievements in 2017 and Strategies post-2020

SADC GREW to include 16 Member States in 2017, and the steps towards integration and development advanced significantly as the region recorded achievements and began to develop strategies for the post 2020 agenda.

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Funding regional development through self-reliance

SOUTHERN AFRICA should move with speed to develop regional capacity to fund its own development programmes and reduce dependence on external resources.

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37th SADC Summit Harnessing Public – Private Partnerships

THE 37TH SADC Summit of Heads of State and Government to be held in Pretoria, South Africa will deliberate on a wide range of issues including exploring ways of harnessing the public and the private sector to work together to promote sustainable economic development in the region.

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