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SADC @40 Deepening regional integration in 2020

THE YEAR 2020 provides an opportunity for SADC to review its integration agenda but also to chart the region’s development path as it enters 40 years of regional cooperation. This issue of Southern Africa Today looks at some key issues for SADC this year.

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VISION 2050 and RISDP 2020-30 Compass for SADC strategic direction

SADC HAS begun the process of formulating a new 30-year vision that will provide strategic direction for the region until 2050 and outline a phased approach to implementation of regional programmes and activities.

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“Africa is not poor” – Magufuli

THE NEW SADC chairperson says the region is not poor and he urged the 16 Member States to use their vast resources to generate wealth.

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39th SADC Summit Towards Inclusive, Sustainable Industrial Development

LEADERS FROM southern Africa are meeting for their annual summit in August to chart the development agenda of the region. Running under the theme “A Conducive Environment for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development, Increased Intra-Regional Trade and Job Creation”

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African Continental Free Trade Area operational from 30 May 2019

THE LARGEST trade arrangement that has the potential to change the global economic landscape and boost intra-regional trade in Africa has entered into force.

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Review of regional strategy Toward SADC VISION 2050

SADC IS reviewing its regional development strategies and preparing a longer term Vision 2050.

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