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Towards 39th SADC Summit…as Tanzania begins preparations

SANF 19 no 20 – by Kizito Sikuka
The United Republic of Tanzania is intensifying preparations for the annual regional summit where southern African countries will discuss ways of advancing integration and sustainable development. Read more

Regional women economic empowerment programme approved

SANF 19 no 19 – by Nyarai Kampilipili in Windhoek, Namibia
SADC Gender Ministers have approved a programme aimed at promoting equal participation of women and men in policymaking processes. Read more

Realigning the regional energy agenda …as SADC reviews Protocol on Energy

SANF 19 no 18 – by Kizito Sikuka
The provision of reliable and sustainable energy continues to be a priority for southern Africa’s development agenda. Read more

Women to make 45 percent of the National Assembly in South Africa

SANF 19 no 17 – by Nyarai Kampilipili 
Almost half of the representatives elected to the new National Assembly in South Africa are women, with at least 45 percent of the seats. Read more

“We have heard the people of South Africa” — Ramaphosa

SANF 19 no 16
The African National Congress party has offered a candid assessment of its 8 May election victory that saw the party win 58 percent of the national vote. Read more

Malawi gears for elections

SANF 19 no 15 – by Charles Mkoka in Lilongwe, Malawi
Malawians will go to polls on 21 May to elect their President, parliamentarians and councillors in historic elections – the first to be held under a new Political Parties Act. Read more

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