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The Global Climate increases risk in southern Africa

SANF 19 no 47
A new report on The Global Climate has identified significant changes in climate in the last five years since 2015, including in southern Africa, suggesting a renewed threat of climate change impacts and variability. Read more

Remembering Nyerere – 20th anniversary of his death

SANF 19 no 46
It is 20 years since that gloomy Thursday when news of the passing one of the symbols of the fight for political freedom in Africa filtered through. Read more

Four SADC countries prepare for elections

SANF 19 no 45
Four countries in southern Africa will hold national elections in October and November – Mozambique, Botswana, Mauritius, and Namibia. Read more

Industrialization in Africa Is media playing its role?

SANF 19 no 44 – by Kizito Sikuka in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
The concept of industrialization is not a new phenomenon in Africa.

It can be traced back many decades ago when Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in Africa advanced their objectives from mainly political advancement to include economic integration following the independence of almost all countries in the continent. Read more

Mugabe: Death of an African icon

SANF 19 no 43
Very few leaders have grabbed the attention of the world like former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe. Read more

Sufficient rainfall forecast for SADC during 2019/20 season

SANF 19 no 42
The regional rainfall pattern for the 2019/20 agricultural season is encouraging as parts of southern Africa are expected to receive adequate rainfall in the first half of the season. Read more

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