Zambezi Environment Outlook 2015 (ZEO)

The Zambezi Environment Outlook provides an integrated analysis of the shared natural resources of the Zambezi River Basin, taking into account the ecological, social and economic issues, as these factors are critical to achieving sustainability in the Basin.

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Zambezi River Basin – Status Report on Integrated Flood and Drought Mapping

environmentTHE STATUS REPORT seeks to enhance efforts in coping with climate change impacts by increasing access to flood and disaster risk information using relevant climate and environmental data, reports and experiences from communities in the Zambezi River Basin.Read more>>>

Zambezi River Basin – Atlas of the Changing Environment

environmentTHE ATLAS uses satellite images, high resolution photographs, illustrative text and graphics to present various issues in the Zambezi basin, which encompasses part of eight countries – Angola ,Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique,Namibia, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Read more>>>

Southern Africa Environment Outlook

SAT-MARCH1The Southern Africa Environment Outlook provides an integrated analysis of southern Africa’s environment. It assesses the current state of the environment in the region, and gives a reflection on trends over the past decade and the next one beyond. The report highlights key emerging environmental issues in southern Africa, and also presents a set of future scenarios for the region. It comes more than 10 years after the first comprehensive State of the Environment in Southern Africa published in late 1994, and more than five years after the first report on a single ecosystem, State of the Environment Zambezi River Basin 2000


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Responding To Climate Change Impacts – Adaptation and mitigation strategies as practised in the Zambezi River Basin

This report seeks to improve access to information on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, and climate change impacts on livelihoods in the Zambezi River Basin. It describes the strategies crucial to addressing the many impacts of climate change on communities.


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Defining and Mainstreaming Environmental Sustainability in Water Resources Management in Southern Africa

SAT-MARCH1The technical report on Defining and Mainstreaming Environmental Sustainability in Water Resources Management in Southern Africa showcases the threats to our precious water resources, and to the environment that sustains them, and it also offers solutions for long-term protection and appropriate utilization. Water is a limited and essential resource that urban dwellers often take for granted. In the rural areas of the region, however, people are confronted directly by its elusive nature as they are more vulnerable to the ravaging cycles of drought and flood, and the slowly degrading resource base.


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