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Benefit Sharing in Integrated Water Resources Management

Water Experts have been urged to adopt a different approach in water resources development and management if they are to increase effective stakeholder participation at community level.

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Zambezi River Basin states work towards preventing total darkness

Faced with a crippling shortage of electricity, Zambezi basin riparian states are making efforts to increase power generation and distribution, and prevent total darkness.

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Recent floods in the Zambezi basin – a result of climate change?

The planet is heating up, almost certainly due to the increase in greenhouse gases caused by human activity, and the signs are beginning to show. Debate on climate change and its link to natural disasters has been revived in the wake of recent floods that inundated some parts of the Zambezi river basin following a prolonged drought.

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Cross-border movement of people – defining moment for the Zambezi River Basin

The recently signed protocol on the Facilitation of Movement of Persons in the SADC region has much to offer the Zambezi River Basin where communities share assets, cultural values, traditional leadership, economic opportunities and languages.

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Zambezi Watercourse Commission sets transboundary perspective

The process that led to the formation of the Zambezi Watercourse Commission (ZamCom) has had major impact on southern Africa’s perspective of transboundary issues. It propelled these issues to the top of the political agenda in SADC.

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Four southern African countries have launched National Steering Committees (NSCs) under the Zambezi River Basin Action Plan Project 6, Phase II (ZACPRO6 II). The committees are expected to facilitate the coordination of activities in the river basin.

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