Economic Development

SADC Energy Monitor 2016

This book presents a comprehensive regional perspective of progress towards Read more

Prospects for Industrial Transformation in SADC – Towards a Regional Strategy and Roadmap

This report is a compilation of some of the preparatory work that informed that process Read more

Mining Sector and Prospects for Beneficiation

The majority of countries in the SADC region are endowed with vast mineral resources. Between them, South Africa and Zimbabwe are host to approximately 80 percent of the world’s Platinum Group Minerals (PGMs) and chromite resources.


Agricultural and Manufacturing Sectors

Industrialisation is the period of social and economic change that transforms a society from being solely agrarian-based into highly mechanised production, involving the extensive re-organisation of an economy for the purpose of manufacturing. As incomes rise for industrial workers, the markets for consumer goods and services of all kinds tend to expand and provide a further stimulus to industrial investment and economic growth.


Considerations for Financing Industrial Development

The SADC region is well-endowed with natural resources, and most economies are dominated by the extractive industries. Exports from the region have largely been of primary commodities and there has been little investment in beneficiation and development of the industrial sector.


Trade and Industrialisation Nexus

Africa has been pursuing trade integration through the African Union as a collective development agenda leading to the eventual creation of an African Common Market.


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