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Promoting gender equality is a collective effort

by Nyarai Kampilipili – SANF 17 no 5
Advancing gender equality and equity is a collective effort that should be championed by both women and men to ensure sustainable socio-economic development. Read more

SADC has huge potential for funding own programmes

by Joseph Ngwawi in Mbabane, Swaziland – SANF 17 no 4
Southern Africa has the potential to mobilise more than US$1.2 billion from alternative and innovative sources as part of efforts to reduce the reliance on donor support.

According to a series of studies commissioned by the SADC Secretariat, the Southern African Development Community could access a huge pool of resources available in the region if it adopts some or all of the six options on alternative and innovative sources of funding being proposed. Read more

Dlamini: SADC belongs to the people

by Joseph Ngwawi in Mbabane, Swaziland  – SANF 17 no 3
The Southern African Development Community has made significant progress towards achieving its vision of a united, prosperous and integrated region.

However, a lot more still needs to be done to ensure that the people of the region can access the opportunities and benefits of belonging to a shared community in southern Africa. Read more

Towards the “SADC We Want”

by Joseph Ngwawi – SANF 17 no 2, March 2017
The continental vision of the “Africa We Want” defined by the African Union as Agenda 2063 serves as an inspiration for the sub-regions to review their own plans and vision for the future.

Southern Africa is therefore in the process of assessing and redefining its regional integration agenda with a view to creating a region in which all citizens share in and benefit from the vision of a Shared Community. Read more

Packed agenda for 28th African Union Summit

by Kizito Sikuka – SANF 17 no 1
African leaders are meeting in late January to chart the continent’s development agenda, including the appointment of a new leadership team for the African Union secretariat, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Read more

2016 eventful year for SADC

SANF 16 no 54  – by Joseph Ngwawi
The curtain comes down on 2016 amid great optimism in southern Africa over an expected improvement in food security and the dawn of the official countdown to a continental free trade zone set for 2017. Read more

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