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SADC reviews forestry protocol implementation

SANF 17 no 16
Southern Africa has begun the process of assessing the status of implementation of the Protocol on Forestry to determine the level at which Member States have benefitted from regional cooperation in the forestry sector in light of emerging challenges and opportunities. Read more

Botswana ready to sign SADC gender protocol

by Nyarai Kampilipili and Kizito Sikuka – SANF 17 no 15
The announcement by Botswana that it is ready to sign a regional protocol that advances gender equality and equity signals another important step towards the empowerment of women and sustainable development in southern Africa. Read more

SAPP steps up efforts to link up SADC, East Africa power grids

by Joseph Ngwawi – SANF 17 no 14
Southern Africa has stepped up efforts to ensure electricity grids of all mainland countries are interconnected and that the regional power network taps into the East African network.

The Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) is making strides in ensuring that the power grids of all its 12 member states are interconnected to allow utilities in these countries to trade in electricity. Read more

Empowerment of women vital to sustainable development

by Nyarai Kampilipili – SANF 17 no 13
The global community continues to make significant progress to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment for sustainable development.

However, a number of challenges still hamper efforts by most countries, particularly those in Africa to fully advance gender empowerment in all spheres of development including political, economic and social. Read more

Food security prospects brighten for southern Africa

SANF 17 no 12
Southern Africa is set to record a bumper harvest after receiving good rainfall in the 2016/17 agricultural season, according to the latest crop assessments reports.

The SADC Food Security Quarterly Update released in March 2017 shows that countries such as Malawi and South Africa have published their preliminary production estimates indicating high chances of bumper harvests. Read more

Energy cooperation paying off as SADC records power surplus

by Joseph Ngwawi – SANF 17 no 11
Southern Africa is experiencing surplus electricity generation capacity for the first time in a decade, thanks to the success of regional cooperation in energy planning during the past few years.

Figures released by the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) show that the 12-member pool is sitting on surplus peak period generation capacity of 919 megawatts (MW). Read more

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