Southern African News Features

Charter On Fundamental Social Rights A Milestone

By Chengetai Madziwa – SANF 04 no 04
The SADC region has made milestone advances toward social and human development challenges in the past year, including HIV and AIDS, and plans to launch trust funds in 2004 to support these initiatives. Read more

SADC On Track For “Free Trade” By 2008

By Chengetai Madziwa – SANF 04 no 03
The SADC region is on track towards meeting the major objective of its trade protocol which is to “achieve a Free Trade Area by 2008, when substantially all trade would be duty free.” Read more

Food security remains the major priority for SADC

By Chengetai Madziwa – SANF 04 no 02
The regional food security situation has improved and SADC is working towards long-term strategies to avoid future shortages, but food security continues to have top priority at the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR) directorate in 2004. Read more

SADC Year 1998 in Retrospect

by Munetsi Madakufamba
Political conflicts in some parts of southern Africa marred a year that had started on a promising note, especially with former Botswana President, Sir Ketumile Masire, following the footsteps of African heroes such as Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere who voluntarily left office. Read more

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