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2 June 1999

The Malawi election date was changed from 25 May to not later than 15 June. more...

The majority of South Africans turn out to vote. more...

ANC wins South African elections. more...

High-tech media operation covers SA polls
Touted as Africa's largest, most technologically advanced media operation to cover an election, South Africa's election centre is replete with strobe lights, dozens of television cameras, hundreds of computers and giant electronic screens monitoring results hourly.
Pretoria, Tuesday 01 June, 1999
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Patience, good humour characterizes SA voting
From the teeming slums of Alexandra to the glitzy towers of Sandton, South Africans queued patiently in their thousands for their country's second fully democratic elections.
Pretoria, Tuesday 01 June, 1999

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Cometh, the renaissance man
The flag bedecked hall resonated with serenades of the leader of the new age. Thabo Mbeki's image beamed downed from the walls, from the podium, from all around in bright yellow, black and green strips, symbolic of the African National Congress (ANC)'s flags.

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Massive voter turnout gives ANC two-thirds majority
"Voter apathy?" "What voter apathy?"

South Africa's President-elect Thabo Mbeki made these words his campaign mantra as pundits and politicians alike claimed the African National Congress's failed policies on jobs and crime would turn off the 18.3 million voters in yesterday's
marathon 24-hour election.

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Election counting blunder enrages opposition
The positive image of South Africa's all race
elections was momentarily marred by a major counting blunder which erroneously credited the ANC and the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) with more than a million non-existent votes.

Pretoria, Saturday 05 June, 1999

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A whole new era of South African politics
The euphoric celebrations are over and President-elect Thabo Mbeki is back to work in his gothic office in the Union Buildings here today, undoubtedly shuffling the cards around containing the names for his new post-Mandela cabinet.
Pretoria, Friday 04 June, 1999

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