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Towards the “SADC We Want”

THE CONTINENTAL vision of the “Africa We Want” defined by the African Union as Agenda 2063 serves as an inspiration for the sub-regions to review their own plans and vision for the future.

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zambezi36th SADC Summit

This book prepared by SARDC for the 36th SADC Summit in Swaziland 30-31 August 2016, provides a public record of SADC activities and achievements in the past year, including implementation of the industrialization agenda and the operationalisation of the regional development fund.



SADC Energy Monitor 2016

This book presents a comprehensive regional perspective of progress towards implementation of SADC energy policies; tracks implementation by Member States of regional energy commitments and focuses on the three main energy sectors of relevance to SADC – electricity, renewable and energy efficiency, and oil and gas. Read more>>>



Zambezi River BasinSADC Gender and Development Monitor 2016

This is the sixth edition of the respected publication tracking progress towards gender equality and equity in southern Africa through the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, and covers the main subject areas of the protocol including constitutional and legal rights, governance, education and training, etc.

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gender-monitorProspects for Industrial Transformation in SADC

This report is a compilation of some preparatory work that informed the SADC Industrialisation Strategy and Roadmap approved by SADC leaders in April 2015. Related policy briefs give insights into the mining sector, agriculture and manufacturing, finance, and trade. Read more>>>



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