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Review of 2010
Region creeps towards energy security 
SANF 10 No 50, December 2010
Southern Africa is steadily emerging from the energy shortages that have persisted for the past four years, and 2010 marked another milestone with new initiatives gradually adding power to the regional pool and security of supply is now set to be restored in the next three to four years.

Caprivi interconnector to improve regional energy trading SANF 10 No 49, December 2010
The launch of the Caprivi Link interconnector is the latest example of practical commitment by southern Africa to address the energy situation in the region.

DRC raises African flag higher SANF 10 No 48, December 2010
Southern Africa and the entire African continent is basking in glory following the historic qualification of the Democratic Republic of Congo for the 2010 Soccer World Cup Club Finals currently underway in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

China tops FDI inflows to SADC SANF 10 No 47, December 2010
Southern Africa continues to strengthen its profile as an investment destination, attracting major inflows in the mining, agriculture, telecommunications and manufacturing sectors during 2010

Africa, Europe sets out priorities for cooperation SANF 10 No 46, December 2010
Africa and Europe have agreed on a new plan of action aimed at strengthening relations between the two continents

Africa to remain steadfast in its position at COP16 SANF 10 No 45, November 2010
AFRICA HAS reaffirmed its common negotiating position for the climate change talks scheduled for Cancun, Mexico in December.
The negotiating position centres on increased finance from the industrialized nations, as well as technology transfer and capacity building for adaptation and risk management.

2015 - Towards gender equality SANF 10 No 44, November 2010
More pragmatic measures are needed if southern Africa is to attain the 50-perecent target for representation of women in political and decision-making positions at all levels in line with regional and continental targets.

Global Financial Crisis
The challenges of financing development
SANF 10 No 43, November 2010
Southern Africa is slowly emerging from the global financial and economic downturn that has affected the world since 2008.
However, SADC is faced with a mammoth task to ensure that this recovery is maintained if sustainable development is to be achieved in the region.

Tanzanians go to the polls on 31 October SANF 10 No 42, October 2010
Tanzanians go to the polls on 31 October to elect their President and Members of Parliament for the next five years. Seven presidential candidates will take part in the polls, including the incumbent Jakaya Kikwete who is running for a second term.

Tanzania ready for elections SANF 10 No 41, October 2010
Seven presidential candidates will take part in the October general elections in the United Republic of Tanzania, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has said.

Zanzibar referendum ushers in a new era SANF 10 No 40, October 2010
"With these results, there is no loser and there is no winner. Let us believe that we have all won."
These were the words of the Zanzibar Electoral Commission when it announced the outcome of the referendum held on 31 July to decide whether the islands should have a unity government after the 31 October general elections.

Africa consolidates common position on climate change ahead of Cancun SANF 10 No 39, October 2010
Africa is stepping up preparations for the forthcoming climate change negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, with Member States in agreement so far on a common negotiating position, which centres on increased finance, technology and capacity for adaptation and risk management.

Africa, Europe in joint energy initiative SANF 10 No 38, September 2010
Africa could experience an increase in energy generation capacity in the next 10 years if a recent energy deal with Europe is fully implemented.

Good rainfall expected in SADC region   SANF 10 No 37, September 2010
Southern African climate experts have forecast good rainfall in most parts of the region during the 2010/2011 season.

Chipata-Mchinji railway line opens for business   SANF 10 No 36, September 2010
The historic launch of the Chipata-Mchinji railway line will provide the shortest route to the port of Nacala on the Indian Ocean, boosting trade not only in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia but the entire southern African region.

MDGs: Countdown to 2015   SANF 10 No 35, August 2010
The United Nations will host an international summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to come up with concrete measures on how countries could accelerate the implementation of targeted goals by 2015.

COMESA-EAC-SADC grand Free Trade Area on the horizon   SANF 10 No 34, August 2010
Significant progress has been made by COMESA, EAC and SADC to establish an enlarged Free Trade Area encompassing 26 countries in east and southern Africa by 2012.

Africa, Europe to announce joint energy plan   SANF 10 No 33, August 2010
Africa and Europe are preparing a 10-year action plan to strengthen cooperation in the energy sector. The announcement is expected at the forthcoming high level meeting of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) scheduled for September in Vienna, Austria.

SADC @ 30, Region committed to deepen integration  SANF 10 No 32, August 2010
SADC celebrates 30 years since the formation of an organization with the objective of closer regional cohesion and the region has benefited from a number of socio-economic and political achievements in that period, including democracy in Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Africa prepares for climate change talks in Mexico  SANF 10 No 31, August 2010
Africa’s position regarding the forthcoming climate change negotiations in Cancun, Mexico remains the same - increased finance, technology and capacity for adaptation and risk management. African leaders re-endorsed this position at their annual Summit of the African Union held in Kampala, Uganda on 25-27 July.

Tanzania gears up for elections  SANF 10 No 30, August 2010
Tanzania’s ruling party has endorsed President Jakaya Kikwete to run for a second term in the general elections scheduled for 31 October.

Zimbabwe International Book Fair, 27 years as iconic African book fair  SANF 10 No 29, July 2010
The Zimbabwe International Book Fair opens this week for its 27th year, a national asset conceived and born soon after independence, and developed into an iconic African book fair.

Africa strives to improve access to health SANF 10 No 28, July 2010
Health is the issue as African leaders gather in Kampala, Uganda for the 15th Summit of the African Union. Other issues on the agenda for Africa are food security, peace, climate change and the global financial crisis.

World Cup 2010: African culture the winner SANF 10 No 27, July 2010
As the curtain came down on the great show of the century, the FIFA 2010 World Cup final held for the first time on the African soil in South Africa, it was time for the winners Spain to celebrate in style, however, the greatest winner was “African culture.”

SADC regional parliament to deepen integration SANF 10 No 26, June 2010
Parliamentarians from the Southern African Development Community have again called for a regional parliament to strengthen integration among Member States.

Mauritius: New cabinet falls short of SADC gender threshold SANF 10 No 25, June 2010
The new Mauritian government announced by Prime Minister Navichandra Ramgoolam fails to address the gender gap in terms of women’s participation in positions of authority.

Carnival fever grips South Africa as country prepares to host World Cup SANF 10 No 24, June 2010
A carnival atmosphere has gripped South Africa as the country prepares to host the first FIFA World Cup final to be held on African soil.

25 May 2010 -- Africa Day SANF 10 No 23, May 2010
The day of Africa. What does that mean to most people too young to remember its origins 47 years ago? This was the time before internet and cell phones, not so many cars or airplanes, when Africa was still hostage to decisions made in Europe in 1884 to carve up the continent into small colonies, essentially concessions for mining or agricultural land.

Progress 15 years after the World Women Conference in Beijing SANF 10 No 22, May 2010
The Commission on the Status of Women met in New York recently to review implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA). The accountability process agreed at the Fourth World Women Conference in 1995 in China requires that Member States of the United Nations meet for review at five-year intervals with a view to fine tuning and remapping such progress in line with global and local situations.

. Unity Bridge: Symbol of unity, prosperity  SANF 10 No 21, May 2010
In a remote corner of southern Africa, the opening of the “bridge of dreams” marks another milestone towards deeper regional integration. The new Unity Bridge is the only land crossing over the Ruvuma river between northern Mozambique and southern Tanzania.

Africa, Japan to jointly tackle socio-economic challenges  SANF 10 No 20, May 2010
Africa and Japan have agreed on a roadmap to implement joint initiatives aimed at strengthening relations and addressing socio-economic challenges facing the continent.

Ramgoolam re-elected in Mauritius elections  SANF 10 No 19, April 2010
Mauritian Prime Minister Navichandra Ramgoolam has been re-elected for another five years after his coalition won the 5 May parliamentary elections with two-thirds majority.

SADC Preliminary statement on Mauritius elections  
In line with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections, Mauritian authorities invited SADC to observe its National Assembly Elections that took place on 5 May 2010.

SADC ministers to review regional energy situation  SANF 10 No 18, April 2010
Southern African Energy Ministers are meeting this week to review the power situation in the region in an effort to ensure that supply and demand are evenly matched.

SADC to harmonize educational system  SANF 10 No 17, April 2010
Southern Africa has taken another huge step towards the harmonization of its education system by approving the development of a Regional Qualifications Framework.

Southern Africa has potential for geothermal "clean" energy  SANF 10 No 16, April 2010
Recent geological surveys have provided evidence that Malawi, Mozambique and the United Republic of Tanzania have huge potential for geothermal energy, which could reduce heavy reliance on hydropower and fossil fuel in those countries and the region.

China, Africa relations withstand the test of time  SANF 10 No 15, March 2010
Relations between China and Africa have grown from strength to strength because they are based on equality, mutual trust and respect.

Southern Africa seeks CITES approval for sale of ivory stocks  SANF 10 No 14, March 2010
Southern African countries are seeking approval for the sale of their ivory stocks at an international conference on trade in endangered species.

SADC Council discusses climate change, food security  SANF 10 No 13, March 2010
The southern African region shows a food surplus for this marketing year although food insecurity and malnutrition remain high.

Kavango-Zambezi to be the world's biggest transfrontier park  SANF 10 No 12, March 2010
A new conservation area spanning five countries in southern Africa will be the world’s largest transfrontier park.

SADC needs to intensify World Cup marketing  SANF 10 No 11, March 2010
Southern Africa could get a major boost towards implementation of some of its key energy generation and transmissions projects as it takes its investment promotion to the Energy Infrastructure Development Conference 2010 that has opened in Frankfurt, Germany.

SADC needs to intensify World Cup marketing  SANF 10 No 10, February 2010
Recent confirmations by at least 26 teams to camp in South Africa for the 2010 Soccer World Cup final has left other southern African countries with a much bigger task if they are to fully benefit from the opportunities presented by the tournament.

SADC records surplus food in 2009/10  SANF 10 No 09, February 2010
The overall food security situation in southern Africa for the 2009/10 marketing year is favourable, with a regional cereal surplus of 476, 000 metric tonnes compared to a deficit of 1.78 metric tones in 2008/09.

Food security tops the African agenda for 2010, Mutharika  SANF 10 No 08, February 2010
The new African Union chairperson, President Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi has boldly set his priority saying, "no child in Africa should die of hunger and malnutrition".

Latest rainfall forecast points to improved season for most of SADC  SANF 10 No 07, February 2010
The January to March 2010 climatic projections just released show more rainfall for most parts of southern Africa than in the first half of the season, October to December 2009.

2010: The world is watching southern Africa  SANF 10 No 06, January 2010
The world is watching southern Africa this year as the region prepares to host the Soccer World Cup finals, set for South Africa in June-July.

African Union to review ICT development  SANF 10 No 05, January 2010
The African Union Summit in Ethiopia will assess the impact of information communication technology on the continent as well as other socio-economic and security developments.

Mozambique: Continuity with Change  SANF 10 No 04, January 2010
The new government of Mozambique announced by President Armando Guebuza is a reflection of his party’s vision for "continuity with change".

Expectations not met in Copenhagen  SANF 10 No 03, January 2010
Expectations for southern Africa and the rest of the continent were not met at the recent United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen.

Mozambique - Election results confirmed by Constitutional Council  SANF 10 No 02, January 2010
Four southern African countries will raise the regional profile at the 2010 African Cup of Nations finals set for January 2010 -- Angola, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

Southern Africa ready for Angola 2010  SANF 10 No 01, January 2010
Four southern African countries will raise the regional profile at the 2010 African Cup of Nations finals set for January 2010 -- Angola, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia

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