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21 December 1979: Subterfuge under the chandeliers  SANF 09 No 51, December 2009
Thirty years ago, on 21 December 1979, an agreement was signed in London that set in motion a series of events that put Zimbabwe on the course to where it is today.

The year 2009 in retrospect  SANF 09 No 50, December 2009
The curtain comes down on a historic year for southern Africa, which has seen significant advances towards regional integration and African unity.

Full energy recovery by 2013  SANF 09 No 47, December 2009
The southern African region is expected to fully recover from current crippling energy shortages in 2013 when it will enjoy the desired surplus power generation capacity.

SWAPO re-elected in Namibia elections  SANF 09 No 46, December 2009
President Hifikepunye Pohamba and his party are heading for victory with two-thirds majority in the 27 and 28 November presidential and parliamentary elections.

African common negotiating position - Copenhagen  SANF 09 No 45, December 2009
Southern Africa is in agreement with the rest of the continent on a common position for the upcoming climate change negotiations in Copenhagen.

SADC Preliminary statement on Namibia elections
In line with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections, the Government of the Republic of Namibia invited SADC to observe Presidential and National Assembly Elections that took place from 27 to 28 November 2009.

Southern Africa turns to wind to improve alternative energy supplies  SANF 09 No 44, November 2009
SADC Member States are slowly turning to wind power to boost production and meet the ever-growing demand for electricity in the region, as the need for cleaner and alternative energy sources gains momentum.

Unemployment, service delivery dominate Namibian elections  SANF 09 No 43, November 2009
Unemployment, service delivery and poverty are some of the main issues dominating the election campaign as Namibians prepare for presidential and parliamentary elections on 27 and 28 November.

China and Africa strengthen cooperation under FOCAC  SANF 09 No 42, November 2009
China and Africa have agreed on a new plan of action for the next three years in a bid to strengthen cooperation.

China-Africa Action Plan (2010-2012)
Ministers in charge of foreign affairs and economic cooperation from China and 49 African countries (hereinafter referred to as "the two sides") met in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, on 8-9 November 2009 for the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

Declaration of Sharm El Sheikh of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
We, the ministers of foreign affairs and ministers in charge of economic cooperation of the People’s Republic of China and 49 African countries, met in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from 8 to 9 November 2009 for the 4th Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

Media release on the launch of the Southern Africa Environment Outlook
The report highlights key emerging environmental issues, reviews the impact of climate change in southern Africa on people and the environment, and presents a set of future scenarios for the region.

SADC: Region is addressing its challenges  SANF 09 No 41, November 2009
The SADC Troika on Politics, Defence and Security has expressed satisfaction at the way the region is addressing the political situation in Lesotho, Madagascar and Zimbabwe.

Communique of the SADC Troika Summit  
Summit of the Troika of the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation met in Maputo, Republic of Mozambique, on 05 November 2009 to consider the political and security situation in the region.

President Joseph Kabila speech at the Dag Hammarskjold Commemorative Seminar  
I wish to thank Africa University for inviting me to deliver this keynote address on "the State of the Congolese nation following the Peace Negotiations".

Frelimo wins two-thirds in Mozambique elections  SANF 09 No 40, November 2009
President Armando Guebuza and his party have won the national elections in Mozambique with more than two-thirds majority in parliament.

China, Africa to strengthen cooperation  SANF 09 No 39, November 2009
The forthcoming ministerial meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation will review the implementation of various agreements signed since 2006 and outline a plan of action for the next three years.

Chirundu one-stop border post opens for business   SANF 09 No 38, November 2009
The Chirundu one-stop border post between Zambia and Zimbabwe will formally open for business in November in what will be a new benchmark for regional integration among SADC Member States.

Southern Africa can achieve gender equality by 2015  SANF 09 No 37, October 2009
Southern Africa can achieve gender equality by 2015 if Member States adopt and implement the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development.

Guebuza: "Victory is assured with votes, not by words"  SANF 09 No 36, October 2009
President Armando Emilio Guebuza and his party look set to win the 28 October national election with favourable results expected in areas once considered strongholds of the opposition.

First women speaker for Botswana Parliament  SANF 09 No 35, October 2009
The appointment of Margaret Nasha as the first woman to occupy the post of Speaker of the National Assembly in Botswana signals another step towards gender equality in southern Africa.

President Seretse Khama Ian Khama names new cabinet   

SADC election observers applaud Botswana elections  SANF 09 No 34, October 2009
Election observers from southern Africa have said Botswana’s elections were in conformity with regional standards and principles.

Botswana determined to diversify its economy  SANF 09 No 33, October 2009
President Seretse Khama Ian Khama says Botswana will do more to broaden its economic base, which relies heavily on mining by diversifying into other economic sectors such as agriculture, energy and tourism.

Guebuza: To defeat poverty we must believe in ourselves   SANF 09 No 32, October 2009
President Armando Guebuza, who is seeking re-election in Mozambique, says his greatest achievement in the first term of office is "the fact that I was able to begin to persuade Mozambicans that it is possible to eradicate poverty."

Observers arrive for general elections in Botswana  SANF 09 No 31, October 2009
The first group of election observers from southern Africa has arrived in Botswana to observe the general elections set for 16 October.

Nyerere the father of southern African liberation  SANF 09 No 30, October 2009
Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere was the father of southern African liberation, and one of the founding fathers of the Southern African Development Community.

Dar es Salaam Declaration on Agriculture the key to food security   SANF 09 No 29, October 2009
Leaders of the Southern African Development Community have urged Member States to implement the Dar es Salaam Declaration on Agriculture and Food Security to boost production and improve access to food in the region.

Africa, South America determined to boost cooperation  SANF 09 No 28, October 2009
Africa and South America have made a commitment to strengthen South-South cooperation in various areas of the economy to promote development in the two regions.

Second Africa-South America Summit - NUEVA ESPARTA DECLARATION  SANF 09 No 24, September 2009
WE, the Heads of State and Government of Africa and South America, meeting in the Second Africa-South America Summit (II ASA) in Nueva Esparta State, Isla de Margarita, Venezuela on 26 and 27 September of 2009;

Africa’s soil to be digitally mapped  SANF 09 No 27, October 2009
A digital map of the state of soils in sub-Saharan Africa is to be developed in an initiative that is meant to assess the impact of climate change and deforestation.

SADC moving towards cleaner energy  SANF 09 No 26, October 2009
SADC Member States are slowly warming up to wider adoption of cleaner energy sources that result in less carbon emissions in line with new trends in the global energy sector.

Batoka hydro power station to light up southern Africa   SANF 09 No 25, September 2009
Zambia and Zimbabwe are in the final stages of planning for construction of the long-awaited Batoka Gorge hydropower station.

Infrastructure development can unlock SADC’s economic potential  SANF 09 No 24, September 2009
With a combined population of some 260 million and a regional market worth over US$430 billion, southern Africa has vast potential for socio-economic development.

Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique ready for elections   SANF 09 No 23, September 2009
Preparations for elections in Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique are now at an advanced stage with the respective electoral commissions announcing polling dates.

Communiqué of the 29th Summit of SADC Head of State and Government
The Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) was held in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, from September 07 to 08, 2009.

DRC pays tribute to SADC for its unwavering support   SANF 09 No 22, September 2009
The Democratic Republic of Congo has paid tribute to the Southern African Development Community for the unanimous support rendered to it 11 years ago when some neighbouring countries tried to invade.

Reporting Water in Southern Africa -- A Media Guide to Managing Our Water Resources  
Water is no longer an "infrastructure" issue or a sector for scientists and engineers, but is now recognized as a life issue, a "public good" in which the media has a prominent role to play in the promotion of sustainability and good management.

Africa, South America aim for greater cooperation  SANF 09 No 21, September 2009
Relations between Africa and South America will be strengthened when leaders from the two continents meet late in September to review progress in implementing joint projects and decisions made at the previous summit in 2006.

Normal to below normal in first half of rainfall season  SANF 09 No 20, September 2009
Southern Africa climate experts have forecast normal to below-normal in the first half and normal to above-normal in the second half of the 2009/2010-rainfall season in major parts of the region.

SADC Summit to discuss socio-economic situation in the region  SANF 09 No 19, August 2009
Southern African leaders will meet in early September to review the socio-economic and political situation in the region, including the impact of the global economic crisis.

African leaders call for peace in the Great Lakes region  SANF 09 No 18, August 2009
African leaders attending a regional conference in Lusaka, Zambia have called for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the rest of the Great Lakes region.

Africa aims to harness its huge hydropower potential   SANF 09 No 17, August 2009
Energy experts from Africa will meet in September for the 21st Session of the African Hydro Symposium to explore ways of harnessing hydropower.

SADC hospitality industry gears up for 2010  SANF 09 No 16, August 2009
The hospitality industry in southern Africa is actively gearing up to host thousands of visitors as the 2010 World Cup Soccer final fast approaches.

Transmission grids, joint power stations key to regional development  SANF 09 No 15, July 2009
Two main solutions to southern Africa’s crippling energy situation emerged from the Power Sector Investors Roundtable held in Livingstone, Zambia, on 15 to 17 July 2009.

Zambia issues tenders for oil exploration   SANF 09 No 14, July 2009
Zambia has issued an international tender for oil companies to explore 23 blocks in its North-Western, Western and Eastern provinces after samples collected in 2007 confirmed traces of oil.

SADC must collectively attract investment in energy   SANF 09 No 13, July 2009
Southern Africa must work collectively towards creating a conducive environment that would make the region an attractive investment destination for energy projects.

Time for Africa to harness solar energy  SANF 09 No 12, July 2009
Recent pronouncements by a consortium of German companies to build a US$555.3 billion solar power project in Africa to provide electricity to European households should send a warning shot to the region and encourage it to invest in solar energy.

SADC appoints Chissano as mediator in Madagascar  SANF 09 No 11, June 2009
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has appointed former Mozambican President Joaquim Chissano to mediate in peace talks between ousted Madagascan leader Marc Ravalomanana and opposition leader Andry Rajoelina.

Algeria to host 2nd Pan-African Cultural Festival   SANF 09 No 10, June 2009
One of the best kept secrets on the African continent this year is the 2nd Pan-African Cultural Festival of Algiers, taking place in the north African country 40 years after it hosted the first one.

COMESA-SADC-EAC harmonization process going well   SANF 09 No 09, June 2009
Africa’s three main regional blocs namely the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the East African Community (EAC) are making significant progress in harmonizing their projects to promote full regional integration

PRESS RELEASE - New President and Bureau Elected at PAP
The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) today elected a new President. He is Hon. Dr. Idriss NDELE MOUSSA, MP from Chad.

COMESA to unveil Customs Union as Zimbabwe assumes chair   SANF 09 No 08, May 2009
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is set to launch its Customs Union during its 13th annual Heads of State and Government Summit scheduled for 7 to 8 June 2009 in Zimbabwe’s resort town of Victoria Falls.

2nd Symposium on China-Africa and China-Zimbabwe Relations
Seventeen leading Chinese academics from nine institutions in the People’s Republic of China have arrived in Zimbabwe to participate in the 2nd Symposium on China-Africa and China-Zimbabwe Relations.

Communicating Energy project to support Southern Africa Power Pool
The Government of Norway has signed an agreement to the value of 3 million Norwegian kronos to strengthen understanding of the regional dimensions of energy provision in southern Africa.

Extraordinary Summit of the SADC Heads of State and Government:
30 March 2009
The Extraordinary Summit of SADC Heads of State and Government met in Lozitha Royal Palace, Swaziland on 30 March 2009

Zimbabwe Cabinet February 2009    

2009 a busy year for elections in southern Africa  SANF 09 No 07, Februay 2009
Seven countries in southern Africa are preparing to hold elections in 2009.

Zimbabwe Looks Forward  SANF 09 No 06, January 2009
2009 has started well for Zimbabwe and although a tough year of turnaround is predicted, there have been several positive developments, both politically and economically.

12th Ordinary Summit of the AU Heads of State and Government ends today in Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa 4th February 2008 - The 12th Ordinary Summit of the AU Heads of State and Government ended in Addis Ababa on 4 February 2009.

Extraordinary Summit of the SADC Heads of State and Government :
Presidential Guest House, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa
26-27 January 2009
The Extra-Ordinary Summit of the SADC Heads of State and Government met at the Presidential Guest house in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa on 26-27 January 2009.

African governments commit to reducing environmental threats to health  SANF 09 No 05, January 2009
A recent gathering of environment and health ministers in Libreville, Gabon, saw the adoption of the Libreville Declaration which commits governments to take measures to stimulate policy, institutional and investment reforms to optimise synergies between health, environment and other relevant sectors.

SADC Gender Protocol: From commitment to action  SANF 09 No 04, January 2009
Approval of the groundbreaking Protocol on Gender and Development by twelve southern African countries brings with it the need to take action by all stakeholders so as to accelerate the empowerment of women in the region through speedy implementation.

African renewable energy attracts attention  SANF 09 No 03, January 2009
The potential for renewable energy development in Africa is growing as both investors and regional leaders seek a new clean energy frontier.

Malawi’s grain subsidy programme bears fruit  SANF 09 No 02, January 2009
The turnaround in Malawi, from being a food deficit country to one producing surplus grain and overcoming food shortages has demonstrated that regional countries have the capacity to be food secure if they apply the right policies.

Region takes giant step toward African Economic Community  SANF 09 No 01, January 2009
Three regional economic blocs have made a giant step towards the long-conceived goal of an African Economic Community, approving the expeditious establishment of an enlarged Free Trade Area (FTA) encompassing 26 Member States in three sub-regions

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