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SADC launches "urgent" aid campaign for Zimbabwe, DRC SANF 08 No 82, December 2008
Member states in southern Africa have agreed to launch an urgent international campaign to mobilise financial and material resources for Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Year 2008 in RetrospectSANF 08 No 81, December 2008
The curtain comes down on a historic year for southern Africa with the launch of the Free Trade Area and a watershed agreement to form a single market from Cape to Cairo.

Economic sanctions a form of terrorism, Gono SANF 08 No 80, December 2008
In a new book entitled Zimbabwe’s Casino Economy, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr Gideon Gono, describes economic sanctions imposed against his country as a form of “terrorism”.

Groundwater key to managing southern Africa’s water resources SANF 08 No 79, December 2008
Groundwater must be included in all management initiatives for regional water resources, and should be managed through a multi-stakeholder framework.

Pooling of resources critical to resolving SADC energy shortages SANF 08 No 78, December 2008
Regional stakeholders in the energy industry meeting in Tanzania have called for cooperation, integration and pooling of resources in the energy sector as the only way of dealing with energy shortages in southern Africa.

Zambia’s new cabinet falls short of the SADC gender threshold SANF 08 No 77, November 2008
Only three women have been appointed cabinet ministers in the new government that was announced by newly elected Zambian President Rupiah Banda.

Frelimo sweeps municipal elections in Mozambique SANF 08 No 76, November 2008
Preliminary results show that the ruling Frelimo party is expected to win at least 41 of 43 municipalities that held elections on 19 November.

New Zambian cabinet named by President Rupiah Banda on 14 November 2008  

SADC agrees to provide immediate military assistance to DRC SANF 08 No 75, November 2008
Southern African leaders meeting in South Africa have resolved to provide "immediate military assistance" to the Democratic Republic of Congo where renewed fighting has displaced more than half a million people.

The Extra-Ordinary Summit of the SADC Heads of State and Government met in Sandton, Republic of South Africa on 9 November 2008. The Extra-Ordinary Summit met to review the latest Political and Security situation in the Region with particular reference to the current developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Africa pledges support for DRC peace initiative SANF 08 No 74, November 2008
Regional and African leaders have pledged to become more involved in diplomatic efforts to prevent a blown out crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the wake of a deteriorating political situation in the eastern parts of the country over the last three months.

Rupiah Banda wins Zambia’s fourth presidential election SANF 08 No 73, November 2008
Zambian Acting President Rupiah Banda was sworn in at the weekend as the southern African country’s fourth president having won a close election contested by three other candidates.

SADC calls for a full Summit to discuss Zimbabwe political impasse SANF 08 No 71, October 2008
The SADC Organ troika meeting in Harare has recommended that talks on the formation of an inclusive government be referred to a full regional summit of Heads of State and Government after it failed to break the impasse.

Time for Africa to harness its huge hydro-energy potential SANF 08 No 71, October 2008
Country representatives attending the 20th Session of the African Hydro Symposium held in Zambia have called for African governments to harness its huge hydro-energy potential, as it is cheap and clean.

Communique: Extra-ordinary Summit of the Organ Troika, 27-28 October 2008, Harare, Republic of Zimbabwe    
The Extra-ordinary Summit of the Organ Troika of Heads of State and Government met in Harare, Republic of Zimbabwe. The main objective of the meeting was to review the latest Political and Security situation in the region with particular reference to the current developments in the Republic of Zimbabwe.

SADC launches mission to observe Zambia presidential election SANF 08 No 70, October 2008
The first group of election observers from southern Africa has arrived in Zambia to observe the presidential elections scheduled for 30 October and deployment to the provinces has begun.

Communiqué on the Extra-ordinary Summit of the Organ Troika, Ezulwini, Kingdom of Swaziland    
The Extra-ordinary Summit of the Organ Troika of Heads of State and Government met in Ezulwini, Kingdom of Swaziland. The main objective of the meeting was to review and consult on the latest Political and Security situation in the region with particular reference to the current developments in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Zimbabwe and the Kingdom of Lesotho.

African Economic Community target gets fresh impetus as RECs convene joint summit SANF 08 No 69, October 2008
African leaders from three regional economic blocs are due to hold a historic joint summit in Uganda this month to harmonise regional integration policies and programmes in a move that may give fresh impetus to the long-conceived goal of an African Economic Community.

Normal rainfall season forecast for southern Africa SANF 08 No 68, October 2008
Weather experts in southern Africa have forecast normal rainfall in major parts of the region for the 2008/09 agricultural season.

Swaziland polls "peaceful, transparent, credible" SANF 08 No 67, October 2008
Regional election observers to the recent parliamentary polls in Swaziland have praised the conduct of the elections and the high voter turnout.

New Angolan cabinet named by President José Eduardo dos Santos on 1 October 2008  
The full cabinet list

SADC leaders at UN call for increased agricultural investment SANF 08 No 66, October 2008
Southern African leaders attending the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly have called for increased investment in agriculture to ensure food security on the continent.

Who will be Zambia’s next president? SANF 08 No 65, September 2008
Zambia’s presidential candidates have filed nomination papers with the High Court for the forthcoming election as the campaign begins.

MPLA dominates new Angola parliament following landslide victory SANF 08 No 64, September 2008
Angola’s ruling party secured a landslide parliamentary election victory in the September poll with a clear majority that extended their political dominance in Africa’s leading oil-producing country.

First address of the President of South Africa, Kgalema Motlanthe, in the National Assembly and his profile  
Today, I make a solemn pledge that I will do all to live up to these expectations and to undertake this task to the best of my ability.

President Thabo Mbeki's Letter to Cabinet  
As you know, tomorrow, September 25, the National Assembly will elect the next President of the Republic of South Africa, who will also swear his or her Oath of Office on the same day.

We, the Parties to this Agreement;
CONCERNED about the recent challenges that we have faced as a country and the multiple threats to the well-being of our people and, therefore, determined to resolve these permanently.

Zimbabwe political leaders begin work under SADC-brokered power-sharing deal SANF 08 No 63, September 2008
Zimbabwe’s three main political parties have begun work under a historic power-sharing agreement signed at a ceremony attended by several regional leaders and international diplomats.

Zimbabwe political parties to sign SADC-brokered power-sharing deal SANF 08 No 62, September 2008
A power-sharing agreement between the main political parties in Zimbabwe will be signed on 15 September with several African leaders in attendance.

The economy dominates Angola's parliamentary poll SANF 08 No 61, September 2008
Post-war economic reconstruction and equitable distribution of oil and diamond revenue have become the main campaign issues ahead of Angola's 5 September parliamentary poll, the first since 1992.

Zimbabwe Parliament convenes as President Mbeki holds further consultations with the parties SANF 08 No 60, September 2008
South African President Thabo Mbeki is expected to announce the way forward on Zimbabwe's power-sharing talks after holding separate meetings with the country's political parties last week.

SADC Gender Protocol to accelerate women's empowerment SANF 08 No 59, August 2008
Approval of the groundbreaking Protocol on Gender and Development by 11 southern African countries after three years of negotiation is set to accelerate the empowerment of women in the region.

Observers arrive for the parliamentary poll in Angola SANF 08 No 58, August 2008
The first group of election observers from southern Africa has arrived in Angola to observe the parliamentary elections scheduled for 5 September and deployment to the provinces has begun.

SADC region should move towards seamless infrastructure corridors SANF 08 No 57, August 2008
As southern Africa takes regional integration to unprecedented levels with the inauguration of the Free Trade Area, the need for efficient, seamless and cost-effective infrastructure corridors has become more urgent than ever before.

Mbeki calls for "Frontline States spirit" in tackling SADC's political challenges SANF 08 No 56, August 2008
The 28th Ordinary SADC Summit of Heads of State and Government ended in South Africa on 17 August, with lots of best wishes for Zimbabwe's political players but with no deal between the ruling ZANU-PF and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

Zimbabwe's Seventh Parliament set to convene next week   SANF 08 No 55, August 2008
Zimbabwe's Seventh Parliament will convene next week after the Southern African Development Community (SADC) recommended that the House be called into session while negotiations between the ruling ZANU-PF party and the two MDC formations continue.

SADC attains free trade milestone  SANF 08 No 54, August 2008
The launch of the SADC Free Trade Area by southern African leaders this week marks the attainment of a major milestone in the regional body's 28-year history.

Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa dies in France  SANF 08 No 53, August 2008
Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa has died at Percy Military Hospital in France after suffering a stroke on 29 June while attending the 11th Session of the African Union Heads of State and Government Summit in Egypt.

Final communiqué of the 28th Summit of Southern African Development Community (SADC) Heads of State and Government - 17 August 2008

Implementation of SADC Trade Protocol on track  SANF 08 No 52, August 2008
The implementation of the SADC Trade Protocol has been a long and painstaking regional process that will continue beyond the formal launch of the Free Trade Area at the SADC Summit in mid-August.

SADC Summit to launch Free Trade Area  SANF 08 No 51, August 2008
Southern African leaders will launch the regional free trade area this month, signalling the creation of one of the largest free trade zones on the African continent with some 250 million people.

Zimbabwe talks progressing well: Mbeki  SANF 08 No 50, August 2008
The southern African brokered talks between Zimbabwe's main political parties are progressing well and heading for a successful conclusion, according to the facilitator.

Cushion poor against high power tariffs: RERA  SANF 08 No 49, August 2008
The regional energy regulatory association has called on southern African countries to adjust electricity tariffs bearing in mind the potential negative impact this may have on the more vulnerable members of society.

Cahora Bassa refurbishment means more power to the region  SANF 08 No 48, July 2008
Mozambique's Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB), the company running the Cahora Bassa dam, has finished refurbishing the power station, which will enable it to increase the electricity output it sells to the regional countries.

Justice ministers consider SADC gender protocol  SANF 08 No 47, July 2008
Justice ministers from southern Africa met recently to consider the regional draft Protocol on Gender and Development in the last stage of consultations before it is presented to Heads of State and Government at their Summit in August.

Slow progress on phasing out leaded petrol in SADC  SANF 08 No 46, July 2008
A Majority of southern African countries are still using leaded petrol after expiry of the agreed deadline to use more environmentally friendly fuels by the beginning of 2006.

African Union defers continental government, supports SADC mediation in Zimbabwe  SANF 08 No 45, July 2008
African leaders have deferred their discussion of a union government until January next year after failing to reach a consensus at their Summit in Egypt this week.

AU Summit Resolution On Zimbabwe  
The African Union Assembly, meeting in its 11th Ordinary Session held on June 30 to July 1, 2008 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt,

African environment ministers launch "Environment Atlas"  SANF 08 No 44, July 2008
African ministers of environment recently launched the Africa: Atlas of Our Changing Environment, which shows a rapidly changing landscape, prominent of which is the disappearance of glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the Ruwenzori Mountains on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda.

AU Observer Mission Preliminary Statement on the Zimbabwe Presidential Runoff  
In response to an invitation from the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, H.E. Jean Ping, appointed and sent an Observer Mission to Zimbabwe to observe the Presidential Run-off and House of Assembly by-elections conducted on 27 June 2008.

Mugabe wins presidential runoff, calls for inter-party dialogue  SANF 08 No 43, Jun 2008
Robert Mugabe has been sworn into office for another five-year term as President of Zimbabwe following the contested presidential election run-off on 27 June.

SADC Election Observer Mission Preliminary Statement on the Zimbabwe presidential runoff  
On 2 May 2008 the results of the Presidential election were finally announced. None of the four candidates received an outright majority required by the Electoral Act. Accordingly, on 19 May 2008, ZEC announced that a run-off election would be held on 27 June 2008 between the candidates of the MDC, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and the ZANU-PF, Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe, who had secured 47.9 percent and 43.2 percent of the votes respectively.

Zimbabwe government open to talks after the 27 June election   SANF 08 No 42, Jun 2008
President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has said he is open to negotiations with anyone after the 27 June elections, following completion of the legal process.

Free trade on the horizon  SANF 08 No 41, Jun 2008
The launch of a SADC Free Trade Area in August this year will usher in a new era of economic integration with an enlarged market of more than 200 million people.

SADC election observers to remain in Zimbabwe  SANF 08 No 40, Jun 2008
Regional election observers will remain in place in Zimbabwe for the presidential election run-off on 27 June, despite the withdrawal announcement by the opposition leader.

MDC withdrawal from the presidential run-off unconstitutional - ZEC  SANF 08 No 39, Jun 2008
Zimbabwe's opposition withdrawal from the presidential election run-off is unconstitutional, the Zimbabwe electoral body has said.

Zimbabwe's presidential run-off to proceed on 27 June  SANF 08 No 38, Jun 2008
Zimbabwe's presidential run-off will proceed on Friday 27 June despite a UN Security Council resolution suggesting that conditions do not exist for a "free and fair" election.

Improved prospects for food security in southern Africa this season  SANF 08 No 37, Jun 2008
In southern Africa, the 2007/08 agricultural season is coming to an end with harvesting and movement of produce to markets underway.

Namibia reaches target of 30 percent women in National Assembly  SANF 08 No 36, Jun 2008
Namibia has become the fourth country in the region to achieve 30 percent female representation in political and decision-making positions.

SADC begins deployment of observer mission for Zimbabwe presidential run-off  SANF 08 No 35, Jun 2008
The first group of election observers from southern Africa has arrived in the country to observe the presidential run-off and deployment to the various provinces has begun.

Africa Day to commemorate the importance of water and sanitation  SANF 08 No 34, May 2008
This year the African continent celebrates Africa Day under the theme: "Meeting the Millennium Development Goals on Water and Sanitation".

Africa's growth could be derailed by the rise in food prices - AfDB  SANF 08 No 33, May 2008
Africa's growth rate could be derailed by the current global rise in food prices, the African Development Bank (AfDB) chairperson, Donald Kaberuka has warned.

SADC energy ministers deliberate on regional energy shortfalls  SANF 08 No 32, May 2008
Regional energy ministers have agreed to revive the regional energy planning network to compliment the energy recovery roadmap established a few weeks ago to address the power shortages facing the region.

SADC ministers accelerate progress toward gender equality  SANF 08 No 31, May 2008
Ministers responsible for Gender and Women's Affairs met recently in the Namibian capital, Windhoek, to discuss their draft Protocol on Gender and Development.

SADC Summit to discuss Zimbabwe elections  SANF 08 No 30, April 2008
"Energy trading" is a new initiative that offers more secure and adequate power supplies for business and residential electricity in southern Africa.

SADC Summit to discuss Zimbabwe elections  SANF 08 No 29, April 2008
Southern African countries are meeting in Mauritius this week to discuss concrete strategies to advance regional integration and poverty eradication.

SADC Summit to discuss Zimbabwe elections  SANF 08 No 28, April 2008
A summit of regional leaders including President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe will meet in Zambia to discuss the recent elections in Zimbabwe.

Botswana's Khama: "Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline"   SANF 08 No 27, April 2008
While the international spotlight has focused on Zimbabwe, its neighbours in Botswana quietly changed their President almost unnoticed, through an election in Parliament.

Zimbabwe parliament falls well short of SADC gender targets  SANF 08 No 26, April 2008
When the Zimbabwe parliament was dissolved to make way for elections in March, the women made up 15.8 percent out of the 120-seat House of Assembly.

Zimbabwe House of Assembly results final, observers praise conduct of elections  SANF 08 No 25, April 2008
The official results for the House of Assembly in the 29 March Zimbabwe elections have been announced, with the two main political parties showing equal strength and the opposition parties in a majority.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission the bedrock of a peaceful election result  SANF 08 No 24, April 2008
The much-maligned electoral commission in Zimbabwe is emerging this week as the bedrock of a peaceful and transparent election, drawing praise from supporters and detractors.

Zimbabwe calm ahead of full election results  SANF 08 No 23, April 2008
Zimbabweans are continuing to demonstrate political maturity as they await the full release of the 29 March harmonised elections, much as they did on polling day.

SADC calls on all parties to accept results of Zimbabwe elections  SANF 08 No 22, April 2008
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has commended the people of Zimbabwe for holding a "peaceful and credible" election and called on all parties to accept the results.

We will accept any results: Mugabe  SANF 08 No 21, March 2008
As Zimbabweans vote in the harmonized elections, President Robert Mugabe has reiterated that he will accept any outcome in the election.

Zimbabwe elections: dangers and blessings of the count  SANF 08 No 20, March 2008
Vote tabulation is a painstaking process that in closely contested constituencies can make or break a particular candidate.

Four polls in one day for Zimbabwe elections 29 March  SANF 08 No 19, March 2008
Zimbabwe is heading into the last days of campaigning for the 29 March harmonised elections, which will see the country hosting four polls in one day for presidential, senatorial, national assembly and council elections.

Energy a major issue in Zimbabwe elections  SANF 08 No 18, March 2008
In most elections, energy, and more specifically electricity, is usually near the bottom of the list of concerns that voters will base their decisions on.

Battle for the urban voter in the Zimbabwe harmonised election  SANF 08 No 17, March 2008
As Zimbabwe approaches the national elections on 29 March, most political parties and independent candidates took their campaign to the major urban areas over the Easter holiday weekend.

Zimbabwe "Look East" policy is starting to bear fruit  SANF 08 No 16, March 2008
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has said his government's "Look East" policy is an effective measure to counter Western imposed sanctions and is empowering Zimbabweans.

SADC mission urges media to be objective in coverage of Zimbabwe elections  SANF 08 No 15, March 2008
The head of the main regional electoral observer mission deployed in Zimbabwe has urged the local and foreign media to be objective in their coverage of the 29 March harmonised elections in Zimbabwe.

SADC Electoral Observer Mission will not anticipate Zimbabwe poll outcome  SANF 08 No 14, March 2008
The main regional electoral observer mission deployed in Zimbabwe will not anticipate the outcome of the forthcoming 29 March harmonised elections, but will observe the process based on agreed regional guidelines.

SADC strategy for poverty eradication to focus on regional economic integration  SANF 08 No 13, March 2008
The 14 member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) will meet in Mauritius in April for high-level consultations on poverty eradication and regional development.

Zimbabwe electoral process in full swing  SANF 08 No 12, March 2008
With less than two weeks left to the 29 March harmonised Zimbabwe elections, the presidential candidates, parties and independent contestants are smoothing out their political operations in an attempt to woo voters.

SADC launches mission to observe Zimbabwe elections  SANF 08 No 11, March 2008
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has officially launched its mission to observe the forthcoming harmonized elections in Zimbabwe.

Investing in women and girls - key to women's economic empowerment  SANF 08 No 10, March 2008
The provision of financial resources to implement programmes and projects towards the empowerment of women will be the focus in commemorations of International Women's Day in southern Africa this month.

SADC Road Map to address power shortages  SANF 08 No 09, March 2008
A ministerial task force on energy established by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has adopted a road map to accelerate the region's recovery from the current power shortages, stressing the need for clear milestones and timeframes to measure implementation.

Towards seamless SADC infrastructure corridors  SANF 08 No 08, February 2008
With the impending Southern African Development Community (SADC) Free Trade Area to be launched in August 2008 and a SADC Customs Union in 2010, the need for efficient, seamless and cost effective corridors has become more urgent than ever before.

The SADC Energy Ministerial Task Force (EMTF) on Implementation of Power Sector Programmes convened an emergency meeting at Boipuso Hall in Gaborone, Botswana on the 21st February 2008.

SADC energy ministers to discuss power sector projects  SANF 08 No 07, February 2008
SADC energy ministers are meeting in Botswana this week to monitor progress on implementation of power sector projects.

SADC region on high alert as more flooding is forecast  SANF 08 No 06, February 2008
Southern Africa has been warned to brace for more and heavier rains as the peak of the rainfall season approaches.

10th AU Summit keeps alive the dream of unity  SANF 08 No 05, February 2008
The African Union has accelerated plans for unification through the establishment of a high-level group of heads of state and government, under the leadership of President Jakaya Kikwete of the United Republic of Tanzania, who is the new AU chairperson.

Learning to live with floods  SANF 08 No 04, January 2008
"With the floods we learn not only how to deal with the land, the water and the grass, but also how to think of the use of physical space for economic growth, and reorganise the community in terms of the challenges and opportunities that arise..."

To end power shortages, southern Africa needs to "run while others walk"  SANF 08 No 03, January 2008
As southern Africa enters its second year of crippling energy shortages as accurately predicted by the Southern African Power Pool about four years ago, massive short-term projects of close to US$8 billion will need to be fast tracked over the next couple of years to get the region out of the present situation.

Regional consultations initiated on SADC gender protocol  SANF 08 No 02, January 2008
The SADC Gender Unit is preparing a plan for consultations throughout the region on the draft gender protocol to enable the involvement of all stakeholders.

2008 The Year of SADC Free Trade  SANF 08 No 01, January 2008
The Year 2008 is set to be a momentous one for the region with the official launch of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Free Trade Area slated for August.

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