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The Year 2007 in Retrospect  SANF 07 No 51, December 2007
The curtain comes down on a year that was largely mixed in terms of political, social and economic fortunes of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and its 14 member states.

Mozambique takes ownership of Cahora Bassa Dam  SANF 07 No 50, November 2007
Ownership of the Cahora Bassa dam on the Zambezi river has finally been transferred from Portuguese control to Mozambican hands at a ceremony witnessed on 27 November by five southern African heads of state and government.

Global partnerships critical in curbing climate change  SANF 07 No 49, November 2007
“Climate change is not a northern issue, neither is it a southern issue. It is not an issue for just the developed world nor is it an issue for only the developing world. It is a global issue,” said Koffi Annan in his special address to the European Development Days held recently in Lisbon, Portugal.

Zimbabwe pioneers commercial biodiesel processing  SANF 07 No 48, November 2007
Zimbabwe has launched the first commercial biodiesel processing plant in southern Africa, underlining the region’s resolve to move to cleaner and renewable sources of energy.

Africa Environment Outlook 2: Our environment, our wealth  SANF 07 No 47, November 2007
East Africa has launched the second continental report on Africa’s environment, Africa Environment Outlook 2: our environment, our wealth.

Uganda hosts Commonwealth Summit  SANF 07 No 46, November 2007
Uganda hosts the summit of Commonwealth leaders from 23-25 November, the fifth to be held in Africa.

Environment drives development, says GEO report  SANF 07 No 45, November 2007
"Development depends on the environment while its impact on the environment affects human well-being," the recently launched Global Environment Outlook says.

Mozambique and Angola committed to solving multiple memberships  SANF 07 No 44, November 2007
The Presidents of Mozambique and Angola believe that southern Africa will eventually resolve the tricky question of multiple memberships in regional organisations.

Global environment has radically changed, report  SANF 07 No 43, October 2007
The fourth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-4) produced by the United Nations Environment Programme was launched on 25 October 2007, with the key message that the world has changed dramatically over the past 20 years.

Online education for Africa’s development  SANF 07 No 42, October 2007
Institutions of higher education around the world are embracing the concept of online education as technological developments continue to cement their role in global development.

DAVID MARTIN - 40 years of service to African liberation  SANF 07 No 41, September 2007
David Martin was a writer and photographer, and later in life, a publisher. He was a rigorous researcher and investigative writer who exposed the calamity and cost of South African economic and military destabilization in southern Africa in the 1980s.

SADC Summit postpones signing of Gender Protocol  SANF 07 No 40, September 2007
SADC leaders have deferred the signing of the Protocol on Gender and Development because some member states need more time to conclude internal consultations following late changes to the document.

The Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) was held in Lusaka, Republic of Zambia from August 16 to 17, 2007.

SADC to embark on radical measures to develop regional infrastructure  SANF 07 No 39, August 2007
SADC has committed to embark on radical measures to strengthen infrastructure development and speed up the process of implementing its regional integration programme.

SADC region takes steps to acccelerate infrastructure development  SANF 07 No 38, August 2007
SADC Member States are scaling up the provision of regional infrastructure, a critical foundation for the speedy realization of regional integration objectives.

SADC Summit to adopt protocol on gender and development   SANF 07 No 37, August 2007
As SADC Heads of State and Government meet for their annual Summit in Lusaka, Zambia in mid-August, one of the expected outcomes is the adoption of the Protocol on Gender and Development.

SADC ministers endorse Gender Protocol ahead of Lusaka Summit  SANF 07 No 36, July 2007
Ministers for gender and women's affairs from southern Africa have endorsed the contents of a Gender Protocol that would make regional decisions on gender equality legally binding for the first time.

African environmentalists discuss climate change adaptation strategies  SANF 07 No 35, July 2007
African environmental experts meet in South Africa in August to strategise on a continental position to incorporate climate change adaptation programmes in national development policies.

Live Earth concerts to raise awareness of climate change  SANF 07 No 34, July 2007
Music will be used to generate awareness of climate change during a series of "Live Earth" concerts to be held on seven continents on the seventh day of the seventh month of 2007.

Media should give fair and adequate coverage for women  SANF 07 No 33, June 2007
A gender minister has challenged SADC journalists to give women fair and adequate media coverage and thus contribute to the achievement of gender commitments in the region.

African Union kick-off for 2010 World Cup to promote development, peace  SANF 07 No 32, June 2007
The African Union is helping to get the ball rolling for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa by rallying countries across the continent to use football's tremendous appeal for a broad range of development and peace activities through the International Year of African Football 2007 (IYoAF) and the World Cup Legacy Programme.

Three-phase transition proposed for launch of United States of Africa  SANF 07 No 31, May 2007
The African Union (AU) has instituted an audit of its institutions as debate escalates on the form of a proposed Union government.

New African magazine interview with President Kikwete  
Attached are excerpts of an interview held by New African magazine with President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania on the SADC position on Zimbabwe. The interview took place soon after the SADC Extraordinary Summit held in Tanzania in March.

New African magazine interview with President Mugabe  
Attached is an interview held with President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe by New African magazine editor, Baffour Ankomah. The interview was held soon after the SADC Extraordinary Summit held in Tanzania in March to discuss the socio-political situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

AU moves to strengthen involvement of African people  SANF 07 No 28, May 2007
The African Union's Economic, Cultural and Social Council (ECOSOCC) will have a substantive governing body by the end of the year following the launch of the process to elect members of the council's General Assembly.

SADC to finalise consultations on gender protocol  SANF 07 No 27, May 2007
Southern Africa is finalising consultations on a draft protocol to promote gender equality that will be tabled at a summit of regional leaders in August.

SADC energy ministers add power to regional network  SANF 07 No 26, April 2007
Southern Africa will spend about US$7.9 billion over the next three years to boost power supplies and a further US$32 billion on longer-term electricity generation projects.

SADC backs DRC economic reconstruction  SANF 07 No 25, April 2007
Southern Africa has embarked on an initiative to assist the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to reconstruct its economy and build a strong infrastructural base to attract investment into one of the continent's richest countries.

SADC urges political tolerance in Lesotho  SANF 07 No 24, April 2007
Lesotho has the capacity to resolve its political problems if the adversaries set aside their differences and channel their energies towards peace and nation-building.

Boost for southern Africa tourism as South Africa proposes World Cup changes  SANF 07 No 23, April 2007
Tourism in southern Africa is set to receive another boost from the 2010 Soccer World Cup if international football administrators approve a plan by South Africa to allow visiting teams to use neighbouring countries as their bases.

African energy ministers call for cooperation  SANF 07 No 22, April 2007
Africa is taking steps to strengthen cooperation in energy initiatives as generation capacity fails to keep pace with demand and unstable international oil prices cause havoc to economies.

28TH - 29TH MARCH 2007

The Extra-Ordinary Summit of the Heads of State and Government of SADC met in Dar-es-Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania on 29 March 2007 to discuss the political, economic and security situation in the region, with special focus on the situations in Lesotho, DRC and Zimbabwe.

Africa develops common science and technology action plan  SANF 07 no 20, March 2007
Africa has developed a consolidated action plan on science and technology that integrates the programmes and projects of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) into the structures of the African Union.

SADC assesses progress towards free trade  SANF 07 no 19, March 2007
Southern Africa has embarked on an audit of tariffs in member states as the region moves to assess the level of preparedness towards creating a free trade zone in 2008.

Spotlight on economic integration as SADC ministers meet  SANF 07 no 18, March 2007
The spotlight falls on the march towards an integrated southern African economic community as ministers from the region meet in Lesotho on 22-23 March to discuss the budget for current financial year and regional projects.

Southern Africa is a hot spot for climate change  SANF 07 no 17, March 2007
The frequency and intensity of dry spells and flooding in southern Africa is expected to increase as weather experts warn of a surge in world temperatures.

Flooding: Mozambique better prepared this time  SANF 07 no 16, March 2007
Mozambique has strengthened its capacity to deal with natural disasters, and this is beginning to pay dividends as shown by better planning and greater internal cooperation during the 2007 flooding season.

Trafficking of women and girls a concern for SADC  SANF 07 no 15, March 2007
Fighting violence against women will take centre stage as southern Africa commemorates International Women's Day on 8 March.

Nkrumah 50 years on: Africa Must Unite  SANF 07 no 14, March 2007
Fifty years ago, Ghana became the first African country to gain independence from a colonial power, on 6 March 1957, and its new leader declared: "Ghana's independence is meaningless unless it is linked with the total liberation of Africa"... later adding "and with the projection of the African personality in the international community."

Lesotho elections "credible, free and fair", LCD returned to power  SANF 07 no 13, February 2007
The Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) was declared as the winner of the 2007 general elections, winning most of the 80 contested constituencies in a 17 February poll.

Mozambique strengthens links with China  SANF 07 no 12, February 2007
Mozambique and China have strengthened economic, political and historical links by signing various cooperation agreements during Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to Maputo.

Kabila names coalition government for DRC  SANF 07 no 11, February 2007
President Joseph Kabila has formed a new government giving key positions to parties that supported him in last year's crucial second round presidential polls.

Africa to discuss roadmap on Union government  SANF 07 no 10, February 2007
African leaders will discuss the formation of a continental government when they meet for the next regional summit set for Ghana in July.

Zimbabwe moves to restore economic confidence  SANF 07 no 9, February 2007
Zimbabwe has embarked on an economic recovery programme that pins the nation's hopes on mutual understanding among all sectors of society and has the potential of putting the country on course to attaining southern Africa's economic targets.

Angola completes destruction of stockpiled landmines  SANF 07 no 8, February 2007
Africa will in May launch a continental diplomatic passport to be issued to heads of state and government, ministers, ambassadors and leaders of African institutions.

Continent declares 2007 Year of African Football  SANF 07 no 7, February 2007
Africa will use sport to promote the values of tolerance, peace and development in 2007 as preparations intensify to host the continent's maiden soccer World Cup in three years time.

Angola completes destruction of stockpiled landmines  SANF 07 no 6, January 2007
Angola moved a step forward in its programme to rid the country of landmines when it successfully beat a 1 January 2007 deadline to destroy known stockpiles of mines.

Southern Africa keenly watches Lesotho elections  SANF 07 no 5, January 2007
Southern Africa will watch closely developments in Lesotho as the mountain kingdom prepares to hold crucial elections that have more than national significance.

Another world is possible...  SANF 07 no 4, January 2007
Africa will host of the World Social Forum (WSF) in January 2007, with the theme "People's Struggles, People's Alternatives - Another World is Possible."

Africa aims to turn natural resources into arsenal for development  SANF 07 no 3, January 2007
Science, technology, climate change and football will top the agenda when African leaders meet in Ethiopia from 29-30 January for the African Union (AU) summit.

Asia Africa in top leadership at the United Nations  SANF 07 no 2, January 2007
Africa will continue to occupy an influential position in the executive offices of the United Nations following the appointment of a Tanzanian to the number two position at UN headquarters in New York.

2007 a watershed year for southern Africa  SANF 07 no 1, January 2007
The next 12 months are set to be a watershed period for southern Africa as it marks the dawn of a potential energy crisis as well as the official start of the home-stretch towards a unified regional economic bloc.

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