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The Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC) is an independent institution involved in the collection, analysis and dissemination of information on social, political, economic and cultural issues of the southern African region. SARDC's objective is to improve the base of knowledge about these issues and their implications by making this information available and accessible to policy-makers, governments, diplomats, the private sector, researchers and research institutions, civic society, and the media in the region and internationally.

SARDC is also a regional documentation centre with computerised and comprehensive databases on social, political, economic and cultural issues of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region with more than 15000 subject files. It's major programmes are: the India Musokotwane Environment Resource Centre for Southern Africa (IMERCSA), Women in Development in Southern Africa Awareness (WIDSAA), Sustainable Democracy, and Editorial/ Documentation, including SADC Today. Each has bibliographic databases of books, periodicals, magazines, primary documents and newspaper clippings, a contacts database and library facilities.

All SARDC databases use CDS/ISIS software for the storage of bibliographic information.

SARDC's libraries are equipped with a reading room and computer terminal which assists researchers in bibliographic searches and information retrieval.

Documents contained in the bibliographic databases are catalogued using the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules. The documents are classified using an internally designed alphanumerical classification scheme (UDC) number building principles. Our classification scheme emphasises country and subject.

SARDC libraries issue a quartely acquisitions list, and a bibliography of SARDC publications. A statement of availability is added to facilitate quick access to the documents. This acquisition list is widely circulated to libraries, research institutions, other interested organisations and individuals in southern Africa and beyond.


Acquisitions Database
Contains bibliographic refrence to SARDC library, by author, title, publisher and date of publication.
Bibliographic Database
It contains 900 records of SARDC special reports and news features published in Southern African News Features (SANF) produced by our staff. This database enables SARDC to keep records of what the centre has produced since 1987, and provides easy retrieval. Bibliographic details such as the Author, Title, Date of Publication and Abstract of the features are included and a printout of the database is made every six months.
Index Database
There are 1400 entries providing a catalogue of entries from periodicals and books of relevance to SARDC's mission. This database is a useful reference source for research purposes.
Press Clippings
Another useful database contains press clippings of articles and stories from a wide range of publications from the region. It is maintained annually through classification and filing of relevant clippings.
OnLine Databases will be available soon...


This is the most comprehensive environment resource centre in the SADC region, and contains more than 8,000 holdings and a bibliographic data base of more than 4,800 entries. The experts data base has more than 2,200 exntries on different environmental expertise available in the region.

Interaise Database
Interaise database has more than 300 records on environmental and natural resources assessment in southern Africa. The database is aimed at identifying and locating key national environmental and natural resource assessment documents and making information accessible to users ranging from researchers, to policy makers. All the documents and publications are available at IMERCSA.

SOE Database
This contains notes and references for the original book on State of the Environment in Southern Africa.

Water Database
This contains references cited during research for the book Water in Southern Africa, and has more than 1,700 entries.

Biodiversity Database
This includes references for the book Biodiversity of Dryland Forests in Southern Africa, and has more than 460 entries.

News and Periodicals
The newspaper clippings and periodicals databases contain the most current information sources.

DMIP Databases
A Catalogue of all the documents published and unpublished, that the Project has so far collected from various sources throughout the world. The database currently holds 2115 entries on disasters and disaster management issues.

CLIPPS Database
This is a record of newspaper and other periodical clippings on disaster issues. The database holds 1900 records.

CORR Database
This is a directory of more than 460 individuals and institutions involved in the management of disasters throughout southern Africa. These experts offer a variety of services such as consultancies, research, documentation and training.

WIDSAA Information Resource Centre on Gender

This includes references and documentation collected during preparation with national partners of the national profiles of each SADC country as well as the forthcoming regional report Beyond Inequalities: Women in Southern Africa. The resource centre contains over 2000 documents.

WIDSAA's bibliographic database of over 1,300 entries covers a cross-section of gender-related issues, and a gender contacts database contains more than 500 entries.

WIDSAA collects information through publications produced by networking partners, through exchanges, donations and purchases. From these acquisitions, the Resource Centre periodically produces bibliographies, and acquisitions lists as a current awareness service. Current acquisitions appear in WIDSAA's quarterly newsletter, The GAD Exchange, as well as in SARDC's institutional Bibiliography and Acquisitions List, published quarterly.

Information Resource Centre on Democracy and Governance contains a consequential bibliographic database on relevant publications and periodicals, and is currently expanding its regional contacts database, as well as establishing a database of related projects being implemented in southern Africa. Maintains current information on elections in all SADC countries, and is developing a data base on conflict resolution.

The SARDC office in Maputo, Mozambique was established in 1987, and has a library of books and documentation in English covering the past two decades, as well as a stock of SARDC regional publications. A chronological database of events in Mozambique has been maintained in English since 1991; and the office holds a current database of Mozambican consultants, also available on internet, linked to the Mozambique national homepage. The library contains references and documents used in producing the Mozambique National Human Development Report 1998, Peace and Economic Growth: Opportunities for Human Development. The office also maintains a library of current Commonwealth publications, for reference and sale.

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