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SADC Today Volume 15 No.4, June 2013
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SOUTHERN AFRICA is seeking investment and finance for a US$64 billion programme to improve transport, energy and other infrastructure over the next five years.

The plan for 106 cross-border infrastructure projects covering the priority sectors of energy, transport, tourism, water, information communication technology and meteorology was presented to an infrastructure investment conference hosted by SADC in the Mozambican capital Maputo in late June.

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SADC EXPECTS a relatively higher output of cereals and other crops during the 2012/13 season amid indications that some countries in the region are poised for a good harvest this year despite disruptions caused by erratic rains and flooding. [read more]

THE 21ST Ordinary Session of the African Union met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on the historic date of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity 50 years ago, to deliberate on current challenges and achievements. [read more]

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